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Welcome to my website!

I’m Molly and I’m a designer seamstress, pattern cutter, bridal wear creator and qualified fashion Tutor. I have always been attached to the fashion industry at every stage in my life.

Let’s say I was born into sewing following my Mum and Aunt’s master Seamstresses's footsteps. I graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion and went on to work with some great London fashion, accessory Designers and Milliners!

Molly Quest was launched in 2006 not only to work on commissions but to teach and share ideas.


Today my crew and I are proud to offer a wide range of services such as, Bridal Dresses - Event Wear - Production - Pattern Cutting - Sampling - Bespoke - Alterations & Repairs - Sewing & Pattern Cutting online and live classes

Molly Quest is about the materialisation of what you have visualised for that special occasion. Clothes are not just something we use to cover our bodies, they are art, a means to express yourself, your mood, your message.


“We put your essence into every stitch so you can show the world your best self”

Reviews & Testimonials 

What people are saying

I was an absolute sewing novice. I commissioned Molly Quest for a series of sewing classes. She is professional and friendly and has soooo much patience and a wide range of skills!! I now feel more than confident in using my sewing machine and creating bits for me and the family. Would highly recommend Molly!!

Elrie S.
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