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Wedding Toast



Made to measure &

Bespoke Tailoring

If you have a special event to attend, we can design something to meet your requirements to live up to the event!


You have your dream outfit, but found out it's now too tight or too loose? We can make it perfect for you again. Or maybe that dress you have could do with a little updating by changing the sleeve? We can make the changes you require to breath new life once again into that old favourite.

Having done lots of lessons with Molly I can say she makes sewing lessons SO much fun and is an absolute joy to be around. She always brings out the best in every one, adapting her teaching style in a patient manner to individual people's needs, making sure you work to the best of your abilities and will always have something more to offer when you're ready. She's also got a fabulous sense of style to throw in the mix - if she's involved you know it'll look amazing!

16 March 2021
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